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An insurance deductible is the amount of money a policy holder has to first pay for any losses before the insurance coverage kicks in. In most cases, insurance deductibles are set by the insurance firms and policies are sold with these predetermined deductible values in place. READ MORE >>

To be a recognized insurance agent in most states one has to be certified through completing a state certification exam. Most people consider certification and the required re-certification just another annoying procedure, but it offers real benefits to not only the insurance agents but also their customers and the parent insurance firm. READ MORE >>

A home insurance policy does not cover damages that result from flooding. Many people assume that this also applies to auto insurance. However, some Ohio auto insurance policies actually do cover flood damage—the real question is, does yours? Damages caused by floods are not covered by default through any auto insurance policy. READ MORE >>

The IRS has an exact system for deciding whether or not a vehicle is used for business and, therefore, is eligible for tax deductions for operating costs. Their criteria contain using the car to move from one job or customer to another, or using the vehicle to drive from your company office to any location with the intention of completing a business-related task. READ MORE >>

Insurance is often a gender-specific product in terms of pricing, but it is blind to gender when it comes to issuing a policy. Then why do study after study show that women tend to be less insured than men across a broad range of policy types? It’s not difficult to rectify this. READ MORE >>

A time of year filled with excitement and anticipation.  A time when memories are made.  However, with much good...comes the bad.  It is no secret that children under 21 years old are drinking.  Combine that with them getting behind the wheel of an automobile can result in much tragedy. READ MORE >>

The IRS has a specific algorithm for determining whether or not a car is a business deduction. It’s pretty simple really, if you’re using the vehicle to travel from one client, or job site, to another or using the vehicle to drive from your business office to any location with the purpose of completing a business-related task. READ MORE >>

All of us purchase auto insurance coverage saying a silent prayer—I hope I never have to cash in on this policy.Unfortunately, some of the population must use their auto policy and file an auto insurance claim. READ MORE >>

When an insurance carrier is assessing what to charge policy holders for auto coverage, they are essentially trying to estimate the cost, and number, of claims the insurance company will pay down the road.  While attempting to perfect this system over the years, insurance companies have found an array of factors that are used. READ MORE >>

What is auto insurance?Auto insurance protects you against financial loss if you have an accident. It is a contract between you and the insurance company. You agree to pay the premium and the insurance company agrees to pay your losses as defined in your policy. READ MORE >>

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